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We make offers for new, used, and broken consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and iPods. We found a niche in being able to offer more than most competitors by utilizing a slimmer business model. As a result of our dedication to a small carbon footprint, our customers are satisfied and so is the environment.

We will find a new home for your old electronics or restore/recycle them for parts if they are broken, all while putting some extra cash into your pocket. If you have consumer electronics that you would like to part with that are not listed on our product pages, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you promptly with an offer.

“We launched GadgetSail in 2016 as a way to responsibly deal with consumer electronics that had outlasted their usefulness. As an engineer, I'm always challenging myself to come up with ideal ways to solve problems; unsustainable electronic waste is one problem that will only continue to worsen unless we tackle it head-on. The re-commerce of used electronics and re-purposing of broken electronics puts money back into the pockets of our customers while helping to protect the environment.”

- Sam Holland, President and CEO

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